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Duty Powers and Responsibilities

Duty Powers and Responsibilities

In accordance with the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and the Decree Law No. 124, the authority and duties of our Department ;

  • To prepare and present the estimated budget proposal of our Agency by ensuring that the available resources such as people, money and materials are used in an appropriate and efficient way in order to perform the services and activities economically and effectively in the University,
  • From the State Materials Office, the Open Tender Procedure, Technical Sciences M.Y.O. Purchase of affordable goods and services from the furniture decoration and air conditioning and cooling department by making good research in the market by purchasing small goods, materials and services directly,
  • Renting of contracted shops within the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs at our university according to the State Tender Law No. 2886, renting from ATMs of banks, Mobile phone base stations, renting Advertising boards in accordance with the State Tender Law No. 2886.
  • Provision of electricity bills of 3 campuses of our University and 1 water tank subscriber from Enerjisa Toroslar T.A.Ş, water of 3 campuses from Meski, and the natural gas bills of the Faculty of Medicine and the Dean's Office without delay,
  • Execution of the President's Office and affiliated units of the cleaning work within this framework in Turkey and to run programs organized by the Employment Agency with the task of making the distribution of personnel and the provision of personnel procedures,
  • Controlling and coordinating the Continuous Workers, support, office and auxiliary jobs and security personnel in the Staff of our Agency,
  • Generally, purchases were made from the State Materials Office for the purchase of cleaning materials, stationery and supplies, office furnishings and computers, office machines and information materials and devices of the Information Processing Department, which are required by the schools and administrative units. Open Tender Procedure Device Purchase, Open Tender Procedure tender, heating fuel that is checked and inspected. With the Open Tender Method, purchases of diesel and unleaded gasoline for the service vehicles of our University, for tractors, construction equipment, lawn mowers of park gardens, generators,
  • Repairs of photocopy machines and similar office devices that receive the defective report from the Computer Equipment Department of the defective machinery equipment and cannot be repaired in the relevant department, and periodic maintenance of the water treatment devices of the Rectorate units,
  • To search and obtain the materials required for the maintenance and repair of vehicles at the vehicle maintenance station and to install them by our technical staff at the vehicle maintenance station, to investigate the maintenance and repairs that cannot be done at the vehicle maintenance station from the market and to make maintenance repairs. To carry out periodic maintenance of the vehicles in the authorized service within the scope of warranty,
  • Coordinating the management and administration of the Rectorate vehicles and the Personnel Transport Service,
  • To ensure the entry and exit of all kinds of materials belonging to the Rectorate and the Rectorate, the storage, classification, protection, embezzlement, abandonment, transfer and counting processes and the disposal of the scrapped inventory materials to the Machinery Chemical Industry Corporation,
  • To plan, coordinate and supervise the execution of the issues that fall within the scope of our Agency in a healthy, orderly and efficient manner, in accordance with the legislation.
  • To ensure that the legislation regarding the activities of our Presidency is followed and kept up to date,
  • To ensure that university lodging services are carried out, followed and controlled in accordance with the relevant legislation,
  • To carry out the works and procedures related to the Exam Coordination Office.
  • To provide the necessary training to work in line with the Quality Management System and for the affiliated units to work in accordance with the quality management system.

Our Department continues its activities under the Secretariat General and Vice Rector.