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Services Provided

Services Provided

Transportation Services Branch Office :

-    To meet the vehicle needs of the Rectorate and the units affiliated to the Rectorate,
-    To provide material transportation services between our university and its affiliated units,
-    To carry out the "Personnel Service" service to ensure that the university staff can reach their workplaces in a timely and safe manner,
-    To provide the transportation of disabled students who are studying at our University with the disabled vehicle,
-    To follow the works and procedures related to the maintenance-repair and spare parts of the official vehicles, To determine fuel and mineral oil needs and to distribute them within a program,
-    To keep the vehicles ready for service by making daily and periodic maintenance of the vehicles within the unit at the Maintenance and Repair Station,
-    Keeping and following the official vehicle records,
-    Carrying out the works and procedures related to the technical inspection, insurance, highway and bridge crossings of official vehicles,
-    To carry out traffic, registration, license plate and license transactions of official vehicles and work machines,
-    To follow traffic and judicial procedures in case of accidents or accidents of official vehicles and work machines,
-    To ensure that the personnel who will use the existing service tools and equipment are trained by employment,
-    To carry out the temporary assignment procedures of the vehicles and their drivers in the city and outside the city and to keep the duty tracking forms,
-    To prepare the Technical Specifications for the determination and supply of the annual fuel expenses of the official vehicles, construction equipment and generators used in the services of the university and to submit them to the tender commission and to ensure that the fuel needs are met. and to follow,
-    To deregister vehicles that have completed their economic life in accordance with the relevant articles of the Vehicle Law No. 237 and to ensure that the vehicles allocated to H.E.K (Scrap / Debris / Ruined) are delivered / sold to the Machinery and Chemistry Institute,
-    Informing the senior management when necessary, making opinions and suggestions on matters that fall within the scope of their duty.
-    Ensuring the use of official vehicles within the framework of our University's Vehicle Use Procedures and Principles Directive