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Services Provided

Services Provided

Duties of Purchasing Branch Manager :

-   Goods and services procurement according to tender procedures: Conducting the processes for the procurement of the goods and services required by the units of our University within the scope of the support service through the tender procedures numbered 4734 in the Public Procurement Law (Approximate cost, Tender approval, Technical Specification, Administrative Specification, Contract Draft, Data Entry to the Electronic Public Procurement Platform (EKAP) , Preparing and publishing the tender announcement, Establishing the Tender Commission, evaluating the objections, if any, and making the necessary actions, The acceptance of the file and the arrangement of the tender, the confirmation of the prohibition, the evaluation of the tender files, the preparation and announcement of the decision of the Commission, The invitation to the contract and the contract, announcement, establishment of Goods Procurement and Inspection commission, Preparation of Progress Payments, Payment, Issuance of Work Experience Certificate, Guarantee return etc.)

-    Direct procurement of goods and services: Conducting the necessary processes for the realization of the goods or services required by the units of our University within the scope of support service within the scope of Article 22 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734. (Establishing Special Technical Specification, Market price research, Obtaining expenditure approval, EKAP data entries, Drafting contracts in time-bound works, Receiving goods, Preparation of Payment Order document, Payment etc.)

-    Advance and credit transactions: Conducting the necessary processes when the goods or services needed by the units of our University within the scope of support service need to be met through prepayment methods (Market price research, Expenditure approval, EKAP data entry, Goods acceptance, Payment Order document preparation, Payment etc).

-    Invoicing and other payments: Purchases of goods or services that have to be purchased from a single source or depending on the tariff, Our University Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, Newspaper etc. execution of processes related to purchasing (Expenditure Approval, Execution of Payment Order, etc.).