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Duty, Authority and Responsibilities

Duty, Authority and Responsibilities

Tasks of the Security Coordinator :

1-    Ensuring contact and coordination with relevant institutions and organizations outside the University in order to ensure that education and training on Security and Public Order issues in Mersin University campuses can be carried out in an environment of peace and security. To provide the coordination regarding its implementation within,

2-    To ensure the coordination between the University Administration and the Private Security Unit in the implementation of the decisions taken regarding security,

3-    To ensure the coordination regarding the implementation of written instructions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, YÖK, Governorship and other authorities,

4-    To monitor and control whether the current legal regulations regarding the provision of security, the powers and responsibilities assigned to the Private Security personnel are applied in the performance of the task, and to inform the relevant personnel and authorities about the issue,

5-    To determine the deficiencies of private security personnel in their duties based on the Law No. 5188, especially in the fight against destructive divisive elements and drugs, and to ensure coordination with the relevant units in order to organize training programs on these issues.

6-    Coordinating with the relevant law enforcement units prior to important days regarding safety and security issues, ensuring that both the Private Security Organization and the relevant law enforcement units take additional measures within the University and prevent possible incidents,

7-    The law enforcement officers assigned with the approval of the Governor's Office in line with the request of the University administration within the University Ensuring the coordination of its units with the administration within the University,

8-    To coordinate the relevant protection personnel assigned by the governorship provincial protection commission of the university rector with a protection decision within and outside the institution, 

9-    Ensuring coordination with the relevant law enforcement units regarding the security measures to be taken in relation to the activities to be taken outside the campuses of the University,

10-    Taking the necessary security measures by the University Administration during the visits of senior government officials to the University campuses, in addition, coordinating with the relevant law enforcement units ensuring that security measures are taken,

11-    Ensuring that the demands are evaluated after the open and closed place meetings that student societies and non-governmental organizations want to organize within the University campuses are coordinated with the Security units according to the content of the subject,

12-    In coordination with law enforcement units regarding the actions and activities that may be organized in our University campuses by groups operating legally and illegally under the guidance of terrorist organizations, ensuring that necessary safety measures are taken,

13-    Coordinating with the relevant law enforcement units in order to prevent FETÖ / PDY, PKK / KCK, DAESH, DHKP / C and other terrorist organizations from making their propaganda and recruitment of terrorist organizations, to prevent the structuring of drugs and organized crime organizations within the University and to fight effectively and cooperate.

Duties and Powers of the Protection and Security Branch Directorate:

1-    The University Protection and Security Branch Directorate reports to the Head of Administrative Financial Affairs Department in order to carry out the management and administration of security services and security officers.

2-    Protection and Security Branch manager, to ensure that the security services are carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation and the necessary correspondence is made (to follow the correspondence in the EDMS system),

3-    Ensuring the implementation of the powers and responsibilities given to the security personnel with the law numbered 5188,

4-    Following the personal affairs of the personnel and providing the necessary trainings,

5-    Ensuring the preparation and implementation of protection and security plans,

6-    The relevant working procedures and principles of private security personnel,

7-    Preparing and implementing the special instructions of the place of duty according to the characteristics of the duty station,

8-    To ensure that the above-mentioned duties are performed by the Security Supervisors.

Duties and Powers of the Security Supervisor: 

1-    To ensure the safety of life and property of university members on a 24-hour basis by adhering to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services,

2-    To assist the Protection and Security Branch Manager and ensure the harmonious and efficient work of the security personnel,

3-    Employees to ensure that students and visitors comply with the decisions taken regarding security, to ensure the uninterrupted protection and security of the campuses, buildings, gardens and areas of the University and all kinds of vehicles, materials and equipment, and to ensure the security of all units considered as the duty area of ​​the staff working in this context,

4-    Ensuring regular patrols within the campus during the mission,

5-    All kinds of theft, fire and sabotage etc. that may arise from inside or outside the campus during the mission. to be sensitive to actions,

6-    The duties assigned by the Protection and Security Branch Manager at all entrances of the buildings during their duty; to fulfill it within the framework of the relevant legislation and instructions, to carry out inspections and to inform the Protection and Security Branch Manager on these matters, to prepare and arrange reports and reports containing detailed information about the incidents encountered,

7-    To check whether the members of the security organization work in accordance with their duty instructions and other relevant legislation,

8-    To control the activities of Camera Monitoring and Communication Centers and to ensure that they are carried out regularly,

9-    To ensure that the wireless communication of the security personnel continues uninterruptedly.

10-    Following, training and disciplining the personnel affairs of the personnel,

11-    Ensuring the maintenance, maintenance and repair of existing vehicles and materials to be monitored and controlled,

12-    Ensuring that the seizure charts are prepared in 15-30 day periods and communicated to the relevant personnel,

13-    To implement and follow up the decisions taken by the Security Directorate. Security Manager; to fulfill its duties regarding the provision of security,

14-    Inspecting the members of the private security organization day and night and ensuring that the deficiencies detected during these inspections are eliminated.

15-    Conducting the management and administration of the personnel of the security organization working in the building, facilities and concession area within the university campus and affiliated with the institution, ensuring that they are kept ready for duty,

16-    Carrying out security services in accordance with the relevant legislation and making relevant correspondence,

17-    Planning Private Security personnel for necessary additional security measures on important days such as national holidays, sports matches, spring festivals, opening ceremonies, conferences, symposiums and meetings, and graduation ceremonies,

18-    The necessary tools, equipment and equipment for the protection and security organization

19-    To comply with the principles of confidentiality regarding their duties,

20-    To ensure that the above-mentioned duties are fulfilled by the Shift Supervisors,

21-    To prepare the protection plan, to take the necessary measures within this scope,

22-    According to the law numbered 5188, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Governorships and the law enforcement officers in the area of ​​responsibility will assist and inspect the officers who come to inspect the private security services for the private security services.

23-    To ensure the coordination between the management and administration of each shift and the shifts.

24-    To ensure the fulfillment of other duties to be given in security-related issues.

Security chef; He is responsible to the Protection and Security Branch Manager in matters related to his duty.