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Duties of Department of Equity Supplies

·      To determine whether the purchase requests from the units of our Rectorate are present in the warehouse inventory.

·      Determining the missing materials in the warehouse and submitting them to our Presidency in a list to ensure that they are purchased. To check the purchased materials by invoice by Movable Control Authority and to take them to the warehouse. To issue Movable Transaction Slip. Request request forms from the relevant units.

·      Distribution of materials according to the movable request document by taking into consideration the needs and number of personnel.

·       To ensure the recording of consumables and fixtures obtained through acquisitions, grants, transfer between institutions and transfer between expenditure units.

·      To take the inventory of the equipment which is surplus of the units to the warehouse with the return report with the expert report.

·      To make the transfer to the related expenditure unit by giving the movable demand form to the units in need of the fixed inventory materials taken to the warehouse

·      To make scrap transactions by decreasing the records of the fixture materials spending authority (approval of the top manager if the limits determined by the Ministry of Finance are exceeded), which have completed their economic life due to being used by the units a lot.

·      To prepare movable management table, census report and movable census and breakdown table of the year-end expenditure unit and send it to the TCA and the Strategy Department.

·       Cutting out the movable transaction receipts due to the ones that are scrapped due to the transfer, consumption, usage, loss of use, disappearance or census, and send to Strategy Development Department within 10 days.

·      Numbering of durable movables and embezzling and tracking them with embezzlement slip.