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Featured Services

General Services Branch Manager:

·     To make official internal and external correspondences related to our Department and to keep a record of incoming and outgoing documents.

·     To arrange the annual / excuse leave forms of the personnel working under the Department, to carry out the report procedures of the personnel who have been given a rest / incapacity report, to write the starting letters of the relevant personnel at the end of the leave or report period, to enter the data into the personnel information system of our University, etc. To keep all kinds of records and correspondence regarding personnel transactions.

·     To announce the articles that need to be announced to the personnel of our Presidency and to keep / archive their records.

·     Stand, promotion, announcement etc. coming to our Rectorate. to carry out work and procedures related to applications.

·     To inform Mersin Governorate every 3 (three) months about the fines imposed on those who consume tobacco products in our University's Grounds, Vehicles, Buildings and Facilities

·     To prepare the ceremony area for official ceremonies throughout the year and to hang flags and pennants in the Rectorate building.

·     Ensuring the general cleaning of the unit and checking the duties of the personnel and eliminating the deficiencies.

·     To carry out the personal and progress payments of the workers assigned to our university by İŞKUR through Social Work Programs or Social Work Programs and to make correspondence about these works.

·     Flags, Pennants, etc. from the Rectorate and affiliated units. meeting the demands for material and preparing the relevant forms and submitting them against signature.

·     To ensure the preservation of the catering materials used by the Rectorate and to deliver them to the floor attendant when needed.

·     Assigning the official vehicles of our university in the pool system, refueling the vehicles, making maintenance and repairs during the year, assigning official vehicles in and out of the province, preparing the assignment letters to the drivers, preparing the "Vehicle Duty Order" form, preparing the activity plan and this To ensure that records related to transactions are kept.

·     Checking the technical inspection and traffic insurances of official vehicles and ensuring that they are renewed regularly every year.

·     To ensure that the subjects falling under the field of duty of the unit are carried out in a healthy, regular and efficient manner in accordance with the relevant legislation.

·     To carry out the work and procedures of the lodgings in the Tece Campus of our university in accordance with the Public Housing Regulation.